The personalization of your memorial pieces will truly make them as unique as your relationship was with your pet. From an inscription on an urn or jewelry piece to the saying on a rock or marker, your sentimental words will create a true reflection of the love that you have for your special pet. Hearing other friends and family member’s stories is certainly a wonderful way to reflectively pay tribute to your pet and get everyone involved in honoring their life. Consider thinking about your pet’s entire life, more than just their name and their birth/gotcha date and death date. Reflect on thoughts of your pet and–what makes you smile? Maybe it’s a nickname, or ALL of the nicknames! Or a saying that really sums up your pet, such as “My Little Peter Pan Mixed With Dennis the Menace.” It could possibly also be a piece of clip art that represents a love of your pet, such as a slice of pizza.
Be creative. Again, reflect on you and your pet and the life that you shared together. Create the memorialization and personalization of your pieces to best tell this story.