Making a decision on memorialization products is a personal process. This will be reflective of the life shared with your pet, your life style, your personal style, and those items that are reflective of your pet’s personality. It’s also important to take into consideration where your memorialization pieces will go in your home, or in your yard, and how you want the item to look, either blending in with your decor or making an individual statement. In addition, if you have a large pet family, consider a memorialization piece where all of the pets can be together.

Memorialization products that you might want to consider are:

Rocks or Garden Flagstones–personalized with your pet’s paw and special epitaph
Jewelry that would have the pet’s own paw print or nose print on it
An urn that is reflective of your decorating style
An eco-friendly urn for burial in a special location
An urn with paw prints to show your love of animals
A piece of art done to depict the pet’s personality
A personalized urn made to look like the pet
A frame to hold a cast of your pet’s paw print, nose print, and locket of hair
Locket jewelry to hold a bit of the pet’s ashes or hair
Memorial Note Cards