This fund is used to accumulate funds for paying for attorneys to assist us when changes in rules, regulations, and laws are proposed or are being considered. Originally conceived as a defensive fund, it has evolved in its application to a proactive, response tool as our members or lobbyist identifies issues. A current example of its use is paying for the attorney to assist us in our efforts to get the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources regulation setting the temperature for crematory operation to be lowered from 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to the manufacturers’ recommended firing level of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. We believe this is a good bill and will serve both consumers and crematory operators well. Additionally, it will help to reduce emissions and save fuel. Some of our members say their units operate more effectively at the lower level.

The PCCFA keeps members informed of relevant legislative and legal activities through the eKeynews newsletter and Constant Contact e-mail blasts.

Business checks for the Legal Defense Fund should be made payable to PCCFA LDF and mailed to:

Ernie Petersen
314 Fayette Street
Johnstown, PA 15905