There are a variety of urns that are available. The type of urn you select will be an individual decision and one that will reflect the life that you shared with your pet. Urns are available in many sizes, materials, shapes, and colors.

In choosing an urn, there will be a few considerations. First of all, in choosing an urn you will want to think about the personality of your pet. Was your pet colorful, therefore, you would want a colorful piece. Or was your pet very feminine so a girly urn is what will let you honor your pet?

You will also want to certainly think about you and your home’s style. In considering an urn, where will the urn sit in your home? What will be around it? Will you want the urn to blend in or stand out?

And, lastly, do you have other pets where you will want to have a “family urn?” A beautiful option as your pets lived under one roof in life let them all reside together in death in a family urn.

Another option for you to consider is a keepsake urns. These are designed to hold a small amount of cremains or fur/hair clippings. A keepsake urn is also a perfect way to allow family and friends who also may want to have a remembrance of your pet.

Many families will also want to have a remembrance of their pet with them daily. Keepsake jewelry is the perfect vessel to hold a very small amount of cremains or fur/hair clippings. These pieces will come in many different shapes and sizes, in necklaces, bracelets, and in key chains.