KeyNews Winter 2022

January 1, 2022

President’s Message

Hello PCCFA members and friends,

Here we are in 2022. Have you gained any hindsight from 2020 or 2021? They say hindsight is 2020, right? If anything, I’ve learned to be patient (like, way more than usual) and to expect the unexpected. We all, no doubt, always have a lot on our plates. Just remember to be kind to yourself and kind to others, take a deep breath for this too shall pass.

We gathered responsibly in 2021 and look to build on last year’s industry events with our spring conference scheduled for June 1-3 at the Kalahari Resort. It won’t be easy, but Paul Simms and I are working hard to provide a great conference line-up. Registration is underway as the registration materials for both attendees and our suppliers are on the PCCFA website. Speaking of the PCCFA website, webCemeteries is working with association members to overhaul our current website. My thanks to the many hands making light work as we move this project along for you. Yes, you! Our organization works hard for our members.

Pennsylvania consumers, communities, and non-member funeral directors, cemeterians, and suppliers still benefit from our efforts such as working on legislation to lower cremation temperature for PA crematories. Whether you own or operate your own crematory OR partner with your local crematory; by lowering operation expenses, extension of crematory equipment life, and lower emissions benefit us all.

We hope that you will see the value in membership and your support is vital as we continue to evolve your association with our changing marketplace.

All the best,

Dagny Neel Fitzpatrick