First of all, will you want the ashes returned? If no, then you will want to ask your pet death care service for a group, or communal, cremation. With this, pets will be cremated together with no body separation and no ash return to the pet owner. While many pet death care operations will scatter the ashes over a known area intended for that purpose, there are some organizations that will take the cremains to the landfill. Ask your pet death care provider what they do with the cremains.

If you are wanting the ashes of your pet returned to you, and you want to be assured that your pet’s body is the only one in the cremation machine, request a “private cremation” from your pet death care provider. With a private cremation, pets are cremated alone and are the only body within the cremation chamber. Pet parents will receive their pet’s cremains, and only their pet’s cremains. It’s important to verify with your pet death care provider that your pet is the only body in the cremation chamber during the cremation process.

Many pet death care providers will provide a tracking system for the cremation process of pets through the use of a “tag” with a unique number that will accompany the pet’s body. To ensure the safety, security and authentication of the cremation process, inquiring on this part of your pet death care provider’s policy will give you the peace of mind in knowing about the care of your pet’s mortal remains.